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Keen. Diskjonglør. Disco, deep- and tech-house with a bit of techno.

Booking, questions and booty calls should be directed to my mail.

Downloads and videos available in the media section.

Date Event Location Links

2022-06-25 Private Party Midtjylland, DK
2021-06-05 Private Party Midtjylland, DK
2020-08-29 Private Party Horsens, DK
2020-07-25 Private Party Silkeborg, DK
2018-01-27 Private Party Aarhus, DK
2016-05-24 Private Party @ ARoS Aarhus, DK
2015-07-25 Kling Klang @ V58 Aarhus, DK [F] [L]
2014-05-03 SPOT Festival @ Ridehuset Aarhus, DK [F] [L]
2013-12-13 Elektronisk Institut Silkeborg, DK [F] [L]
2013-05-04 Private Party Silkeborg, DK
2012-12-25 Elektronisk Institut Silkeborg, DK
2012-11-02 Club 120 @ V58 Aarhus, DK
2012-03-02 Elektronisk Institut Silkeborg, DK [F]
2011-05-06 Elektronisk Institut Silkeborg, DK [L]
2011-04-30 Manifest København, DK [L]
2011-04-01 Elektronisk Institut Silkeborg, DK [F] [L]
2010-09-11 Freaky Fields (Monoque LIVE) Copenhagen, DK [F]
2010-03-06 Club 120 Silkeborg, DK
2009-10-03 House Dedication @ Chaplin Viborg, DK [F] [L]
2009-08-14 Movida Corona Party Horsens, DK [F] [L]
2009-07-11 Follow The White Rabbit (Monoque LIVE) Unknown, DK [F] [L]
2009-06-13 EMP: Tech, Electro, Minimal & Progressive Aarhus, DK [F] [L]
2009-04-30 Vero Moda Skanderborg, DK
2009-04-03 EMP: Electro & Progressive Aarhus, DK [F] [L]
2009-04-03 EMP: Electro & Progressive (Monoque LIVE) Aarhus, DK [F] [L]
2008-12-04 Hekkenfeldt Horsens, DK [L]
2008-11-29 Club 120 Skanderborg, DK
2008-11-29 Club 120 (Monoque LIVE) Skanderborg, DK
2008-11-15 Hekkenfeldt Horsens, DK [L]
2008-11-07 Chill Out Session Aarhus, DK [F] [L]
2008-10-25 Frikaleika & Lowryder presents: Back To School Unknown, DK [F] [L]
2008-10-18 Protoned: Another Experience Silkeborg, DK [F] [L]
2008-10-18 Protoned: Another Experience (Monoque LIVE) Silkeborg, DK [F] [L]
2008-09-05 Movida Corona Party Aarhus, DK [F] [L]
2008-07-26 Fragmental Festival Thy, DK [F] [L]
2008-07-26 Fragmental Festival (Monoque LIVE) Thy, DK [F] [L]
2008-07-03 Electronic Nights Aarhus, DK [F] [L]
2008-05-22 Progress Yourself Aarhus, DK [F] [L]
2008-04-25 Private Party Aarhus, DK
2008-03-07 Blå Hus & Famehunters: A FREE Session! Aarhus, DK [F] [L]
2008-02-29 Electrobeat @ Halvandet København, DK [F] [L]
2008-02-22 Protoned: Spring Break II Silkeborg, DK [F] [L]
2008-01-26 Private Party Silkeborg, DK
2007-11-17 Club 120 Skanderborg, DK
2007-11-10 Electraum a’la Carte Silkeborg, DK [F] [L]
2007-11-03 Private Party Skanderborg, DK
2007-10-05 Elektro Connection is back! Aarhus, DK [L]
2007-09-21 Protoned Digital Refraction Herning, DK [F] [L]
2007-09-08 Private Party Skanderborg, DK
2007-08-25 Private Party Aarhus, DK
2007-08-18 Elektro Connection Wicked Waves Aarhus, DK [F] [L]
2007-07-14 Coast:Blue Frederikshavn, DK [L]
2007-07-13 Private Party Silkeborg, DK
2007-05-12 Protoned Cultural Revelation Herning, DK [F] [L]
2007-03-24 Protoned Spring Break Silkeborg, DK [F] [L]
2007-02-16 Turntool Fredagsbar Aarhus, DK
2007-01-13 Protoned Psychedelic Issues Aalborg, DK [F] [L]
2007-01-05 Turntool Fredagsbar Aarhus, DK
2006-11-11 Private Party Unknown, DK

All flyers available in the gallery.

Posted by Keen January 2008